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Wearing My Dying Mother’s Clothes
New York Times op-ed
(Sunday Review)

Slaying the Perfection Monster: Month 1 of Food Blogging
How perfectionism can be debilitating

I Watched It: the 1981 NYC Marathon
My reaction to watching the 1981 NYC Marathon in 2019

Pain Is A Gift: 2019 NYC Marathon
An extensive recap of the hardest race of my life

My Favorite Fitness Blender Workouts
The most popular post on my running blog

How to Get Your Ass Out of Bed
Detailed instructions for how to get your ass out of bed

56 Miles in Andes, NY
The two weeks spent running during my father’s illness and death from COVID-19

The First Run of the Rest of My Life
What it was like running 10 miles the day after my mother died

The Emails of Portia Nathaniel and Froderick Savior Johann
A parody of a real interview that I wrote for some reason

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