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New York Harriers – Instagram

I have written every post for the Harriers for over a year. This involves collecting, editing, and often taking the photos. I also produce and curate their “Meet the Harriers” Q&A series.

Some sample posts below.

The Harriers, established in 1988, is one of NYC’s most competitive running clubs. I am currently the club’s Vice President, contribute writing and editing of their weekly newsletter, and own a ridiculously large amount of clothing with their logo.

Select Writing Samples

Wearing My Dying Mother’s Clothes
New York Times op-ed
(Sunday Review)

Our Civil War Fighters
Two 3x great grandfathers fought in the Civil War; written for my family history blog

Slaying the Perfection Monster:
Month 1 of Food Blogging
How perfectionism can be debilitating

I Watched It: the 1981 NYC Marathon
My reaction to watching the 1981 NYC Marathon in 2019

Right Where It Belongs: 2021 TCS New York City Marathon
In-depth recap of an emotional race

My Favorite Fitness Blender Workouts
The title says it all; the most popular post on my running blog

How to Get Your Ass Out of Bed
Detailed instructions for how to get your ass out of bed

How Much Does Running Cost?
I painstakingly added up how much I spent on running in one year

What Are NYC Headshot Rates in 2022?
I researched this question thoroughly for my photography blog

2021 NYC Marathon Recap
Race recap for the New York Harriers blog about the 2021 NYC Marathon

56 Miles in Andes, NY
Two weeks of running during my father’s illness and death from COVID-19

Vegan Banana Bread
A recipe I came up with for my food blog; photos also by me

Pitch Decks

I wrote and designed many television pitch decks for a NYC production company specializing in unscripted television.

I created the covers and internal graphics using stock images and Photoshop. (I am not a professional graphic designer, but I have been using Photoshop since 2005 and know enough to slide by.)

Covers and one sample page from select decks are below.


Food Network

Discovery Channel



Food Network

I have also written well over 100 comedy sketches and over 20 late night packets. Highly considering linking to the late night packets, only because I’m not sure anyone has ever done that before. Might be fun.

All images and content © Ari Scott

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